March 2010
Friday, March 19, 2010
The following individuals presented at the Annual Conference for Forum on Education Abroad - "Vision and Value in Education Abroad" in Charlotte, North Carolina (March 24-26): Christopher Alexander, Adrian Beaulieu, Laurie Black, Gabriele Bosley, Larry Braskamp, Kendall Brostuen, Betsy Brower, Darla Deardorff, Uliana Gabara, Margaret Heisel, John Heyl, Ross Lewin, Jennifer Lund, Cornell Menking, Michael Morrison, Jen Nielsen, Jeffrey Peck, Dawn Pysarchik, Mary Catherine Scarborough, Lee Sternberger, Anders Uhrskov, Leo Van Cleve, Paul Watson, and Wendy Williamson.

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Stephen Dunnett
, Margaret Heisel and Sonny Lim are quoted in the article "Americans Shy Away from Study in Asia" - Chronicle of Higher Education.

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