April 2010
Friday, May 07, 2010
AIEA President Bill Lacy was invited to speak and to focus on US efforts to internationalize higher education and a summary of the 2010 AIEA Conference to a conference in Madrid: Internationalization of Higher Education. A Foresight Exercise for 2020 and Beyond (April 19-20).  This event focused on the best ways to enhance the interaction and cooperation among higher education institutions throughout the world.

AIEA Executive Director Darla Deardorff and AIEA members Christa Olson and Martha Navarro
gave keynote talks at the CONAHEC Conference in Houston, Texas on April 22. Other AIEA members who presented at CONAHEC include AMPEI President Thomas Buntru, Rodolfo Hernandez, Carol Fimmen, Daniel Guhr, and Adria Baker. For details, see http://www.conahec.org/conahec/Conferences/Houston2010/english/files/agenda.pdf

AIEA member Joel Harrington was quoted in an April 23 article in The Chronicle of Higher Education; the article was entitled "In Latin America, Joint Degree Programs and Exchanges are Incresasingly Common."

Doo-Hee Lee, president and founder of one of AIEA's sister associations, APAIE, was quoted in an April 23 article The Chronicle of Higher Education; the article was entitled "Asian University Leaders, Meetingin Australia, Seek to Improve International Ties."

AIEA Past President William Brustein was quoted in an article entitled "College 'Embassies' Advance Their Interests Abroad" in the April 2010 issue of The Chronice of Higher Education.